Byome Food Co.


Our adaptogenic white chocolate matcha cookie blends white chocolate chips with an organic ceremonial Japanese matcha that provides slow-release caffeination. Lion's mane acts as an all-natural brain booster to support focus, concentration, and mental stamina. This combination is the perfect way to start the day or enjoy as a mid-day pick-me-up!

BYOME cookies are purposeful, nourishing, and delicious. 

Using simple, yet powerful, quality ingredients, we produced the ultimate cookie.

Simple: No unnecessary additives. Our ingredients are made from the plants that Mother Nature gifted us.

Powerful: Plant-based ingredients are comprised of adaptogens and plant protein to nourish and heal the mind, body, and soul.

Quality: These adaptogenic, protein-packed cookies are sweetened with dates. No fillers. No additives. Just QUALITY.


Cookie Care: 

Place cookies in refrigerator upon receipt where they will keep fresh for an additional two weeks.

For optimal freshness, freeze the cookies that you do not plan to eat immediately.

NOTE: Cookies may occasionally contain traces of 'string-like' fibers which is a natural component of organic dates. If you are familiar with dates, you know that the inside of them is 'stringy'. The fibers are totally normal and entirely safe to eat.


    Gluten-free oats, organic pea protein isolate, vegan white chocolate chips, organic ceremonial grade matcha, organic flax seeds, organic dates, organic lion's mane, pink himalayan salt. 


    Byome cookies are made by hand using shared equipment, which processes tree nuts and peanuts. While we do our best to prevent cross-contamination, please note that we are not an allergy-free kitchen. 


    Keep in mind that cookies are baked fresh every Sunday and shipped out on Mondays. Cut off for weekly orders are on Friday @ 12pm PST. Any orders made after the cut off time will go into the following week’s orders.