Byome Food Co.


At Byome Food Co., the ingredients we use in our products actively promote gut health by nourishing the microbes that live within our gut. This community of microbes is called the gut microbiome. Hence, our name BYOME. 

The microbiome directly affects essential human health elements, from the immune system to the brain. We believe that food is healing and can be used as a tool to boost the microbiome and enable you to perform at your best. 

We also know that you are busy. Finding the time to mix supplement powders into coffees or smoothies may not be ideal. There are countless of supplements on the market, and keeping up with them can be expensive and overwhelming. 

We wanted to do something about that. It seemed to us that products that were both powerful, yet clean were hard to find. Most of the products that boasted adaptogenic and superfood ingredients were concentrated with sugar and other unnecessary additives. 

We set out to create a product that nurtures a healthy gut, tastes great, and is entirely free of refined sugars. Sweetened only with organic dates, we’ve jam-packed the cookies with plant protein, adaptogenic herbs, powerful mushrooms, and superfoods. Finally, a cookie you can feel good about.  

The better cookie.

  Thank you for choosing Byome Food Co. We are committed to the quality of our products and we promise to deliver on these values.




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